stress_driver home page

This is the home for the humble stress_driver stress test tool that began life by crashing Convex supercomputers.


You may download stress_driver from the File List page. The package includes the single Perl files that implements stress_driver, plus documentation in html and man format, and the beginnings of a test sui te for the tool. You will also need to install Perl's Event module before running stress_driver - see CPAN.

Stress_driver has been tested on Linux and Cygwin/Windows (go to to install Cygwin on top of Windows). The 1.0 release failed several of the tests on my Windows XP box after I upgraded Cygwin, however.


These papers and presentations provide background beyond the man page that's in the source distribution.


Discussions about stress_driver are welcome on the stress-driver-users mailing list.

For access to the bug tracking tool, CVS archives, news, and any other of the underlying infrastructure, go to the SourceForge summary page for stress_driver. Note that I had to use "-" instead of "_" in the stress_driver name in several places, so don't let this confuse you.

stress_driver is maintained by Danny Faught, Tejas Software Consulting. Logo